nFusionGlass Laminated Surfaces

Sink with red hide

Silver recessed-channel frames compliment faux leather Boa Mahogany doors and drawer fronts. The custom cast glass countertop with integrated bowl is back-painted white. Wall tiles in Chord glass are also back-painted white.


Sink with brown hide

Boa Canyon faux leather is framed by black recessed-channel door and drawer fronts. The custom mounted faucets and vessel sit atop a laminated 3/4" glass countertop.

All glass is low-iron. The lamination glue is a material known to have excellent clarity. It also has long UV protection, a huge benefit in cabinetry, countertops, tiles and wall panels.

Door and drawer fronts are recessed-channel, but continuous pulls are also available. Door and drawer frames are offered in 4 powder-coated colors: white, black, silver and bronze. Full size wrap around appliance pulls are available for appliance panels.

Countertops, are manufactured from ¾” thick glass and can be cut to any shape with size limited to 120” long. Wall tiles are made from ¼” glass and laminated to a tough, highly glueable backer. Panels, made from ½” glass, can be any size.